Lauren Van Der Mast started her journey in the health and fitness industry over 16 years ago. She’s dipped her toes in a variety of sports since the age of 10. From soccer, dirt bikes, and rock climbing to pro wrestling and karate, Lauren loved the outdoors and being active.

Lauren went into personal training at age 20. And by 22 years of age, she was ranked as one of Australia’s top 3 female rock climbers. Yet, Lauren also endured various of her own health struggles.

After being sexually assaulted at age 16, Lauran began binge eating and developed depression. Around this time, she also developed digestive problems, including constipation. At 18, she broke her collarbone, which led to her exploring the world of health, dieting, and fitness.

Soon after ranking as one of Australia’s top female rock climbers, her health began to decline further. Her hair began falling out, her skin was splitting, she had chronic constipation and bloating, and she suffered from chronic fatigue. She also began to develop several food intolerances.

Lauren quickly began looking for answers to her health problems. She tried various doctors, naturopaths, chiropractors, gastroenterologists, spiritual workers, coaches, and books. Nothing seemed to help - and if anything, these approaches made her situation worse.
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  • Lauren at Refresh Health is truely professional while providing a relaxed and welcoming environment. Having previously experienced Colon Hydrotherapy, I knew that my bloating and constipation was going to ease but Lauren was able to further explain the many other benefits that improving gut health brings. Full privacy is ensured and the treatment always leaves me feeling lighter and fully cleansed. I am an ongoing client and gladly recommend Lauren to anyone interested in their overall health

  • My husband was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma and it was through my research that I learnt of the benefits of colonics. I was so grateful to personally know Lauren first and have such an important resource at hand. She is knowledgeable, compassionate and the makes you feel right at home. The room was lovely and fresh, clean and beautifully decorated. We will definitely be going back as a means of maintaining good health.


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