Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – What’s Helped & What Hasn’t

That red head climbing up the rock? Yep, that’s me! In my early 20’s, around the time I started realising that something wasn’t right. It’s also the number 1 thing I wish I could be doing right now…

As soon as I started ‘not feeling right’ I started looking for answers. Of course I started out the traditional way, going to see the doctor, before realising that wasn’t going to help me and searching for answers elsewhere. You could say it’s been an adventure… not an amazing one, because I’m unable to do so many of the things that mean so much to me (I’d love to kick a ball around with me son), but on the flip side it’s been a helluva learning curve! 

Today I’m doing a super fast overview of therapies and ‘things’ I’ve tried and whether they helped me or not. I will continue to follow this video up with other videos that dive deeper into things that have helped me, but for now this is kinda like a check list.

While I’m doing this to share what I’ve been through, I’m in no way qualified to diagnose any health concerns or disorders in any way or prescribe anything.