My Long Term & Healthy Solution For Constipation

Poo really isn’t a hot topic… it’s just not something people like talking about, let alone constipation! And while I’ve worked in the health and fitness industry for 17 years… even I didn’t like talking about it, or admitting it, which is how it felt when I shared that I suffered from constipation. 

Dealing with constipation just felt so embarrassing for me, which I now find so strange because it’s a serious health issue and a bowel motion can tell you so much about the health of your colon as well as your entire body.  

So here is my story… it’s long because I had chronic constipation for over a decade and because it took such a long time for me to find something that not only worked for me, but was a healthy and long term solution.

The main reason I wanted to share this is because I wanted to perhaps make it less of a taboo subject AND because I wanted to shed some light on the not so great ways of dealing with constipation and much much healthier alternatives. That being said, this just my story and not mean’t to be a source for diagnosing or prescribing any therapies etc for constipation.