Enemas Vs Colonics

I swear Colon hydrotherapy saved my life… I’ve mentioned this many times before.

I had been thinking about having regular colonics for a good decade before I finally committed and had such incredible results. And while I felt amazing, on the flip side I was furious… why? Because without perhaps a whole bunch of ‘well meaning people’ I would have started colonics a decade ago and saved myself from sooo many health problems, a whole lot of feeling unwell and perhaps even saved my appendix. (In fact, I’m 100% certain that if I wasn’t chronically constipated for 10 years I WOULD still have my appendix and wouldn’t have been mis-diagnosed for appendicitis for over 12 months – that’s another story!).

Even now in the health world, I still hear people saying that colonics are unnecessary and that enemas or probiotics are all you need… sigh…

I’m a big believer in enemas, however I aim to share just how different enemas and colonics are.