Are There Age Limits With Colon Hydrotherapy

I know talking about poo isn’t a highlight for most people, I get mixed reactions when I tell people what I do! But one thing I have noticed that tends to set people on edge, is when I speak about colon hydrotherapy and kids. People freak out. I think the general feeling is that colon hydrotherapy is too extreme for kids… So I’m going to share with you the oldest and youngest clients I’ve worked with and I’m also going to share the different challenges (not serious or health related) that they experienced with colon hydrotherapy.

But before I do… I just want to quickly add my thoughts on ‘extreme’ and colon hydrotherapy…

I guess the most simple way to put this into perspective is with a question/s…
When is it ever ok for a person (at any age) to be constipated? Or chronically constipated or to have fecal impaction? Or to have part or all of their bowel removed?
Because these are generally the reasons why children would be having a colonic.
When our bodies waste sits in our large intestine for too long, not only are we NOT eliminating every day toxins, we start to reabsorb them and when you fully understand the consequences of this, colon hydrotherapy – a bit of water in your colon – suddenly doesn’t seem like such a big deal at all.