One-On-One Personal Training

Train Smarter & Become Strong From the Inside Out
You aren’t defined by your illness or injury. Nor are sport and training meant to feel like a chore. As a former athlete, I know how frustrating it can be when you’re not seeing results from your hard work. Or instead of the results you want, you end up injured or burnt out. Let me help you overcome the mental barriers standing in the way of your physical goals. By embracing your body and working with it, you can achieve everything you’ve wanted and more.

Health and Fitness Results Through Total Body Freedom!

My name is Lauren van der Mast. I’ve been involved in sports, health, and fitness my entire life. Some of my proudest achievements include ranking 3rd in Australian rock climbing and placing 2nd in Jiu-Jitsu at the World Cup. Through all of this, I’ve overcome depression, binge eating, and chronic fatigue by finding the ultimate way to train, harnessing both the body and mind in this process.

You too can transform your body and mind. Exercise is a form of cleansing. But this doesn’t mean it’s the same for each and every person. How you train to achieve a certain goal may look very different from how another person trains to achieve the same goal.

Everyone’s body is unique. Despite illness or injury, you can take back control of your life and get to where you want to be.

Through my specific training method, you will:

  • Breakthrough and free yourself from the mental and physical barriers holding you back.
  • Learn how to work with your body, as opposed to against it.
  • Gain greater body awareness.
  • Create momentum toward your goals.
  • Learn to maximize your training.
  •  Adhere to correct exercise technique, priming your body for success, and achieving your athletic potential.
  •  Prevent future injuries and pain.

Through private sessions, we will uncover what works for you and your body. You’ll finally achieve results that stick.

This means you train smarter and more specific than ever before. I don’t only look at where you want to be but also where your body is currently at. From there, we build the physical and mental techniques and strategies that help you achieve your goals.

Find Your Optimal Health and Wellness Through Specific and Targeted Training

Together, we address the root cause of your health and fitness struggles. Fitness is never a one-size-fits-all approach. Learn to heal your internal world first. Your external body will follow. Through this unique approach, you’ll obtain your highest state of health and happiness possible.