Lauren at Refresh Health is truely professional while providing a relaxed and welcoming environment. Having previously experienced Colon Hydrotherapy, I knew that my bloating and constipation was going to ease but Lauren was able to further explain the many other benefits that improving gut health brings. Full privacy is ensured and the treatment always leaves me feeling lighter and fully cleansed. I am an ongoing client and gladly recommend Lauren to anyone interested in their overall health


My husband was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma and it was through my research that I learnt of the benefits of colonics. I was so grateful to personally know Lauren first and have such an important resource at hand. She is knowledgeable, compassionate and the makes you feel right at home. The room was lovely and fresh, clean and beautifully decorated. We will definitely be going back as a means of maintaining good health.


Lauren offers an excellent service for anyone trying to improve their health and decrease inflammation. Having suffered from Lyme and Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) for 20 years, I have tried many expensive treatments but this one is one of the most effective for me. Lauren is professional, kind and knowledgeable which puts you at ease. I highly recommend her service.


Although I found castor oil to be healing and therapeutic, it was time consuming and stained my shirts and sheets. But Lauren’s Castor Oil Wrap has stopped all these hassles making my nighttime routine less time consuming. The organic woolen flannel is soothing and top quality. The outer protective shell keeps prevents any oil stains and is applied quickly and easily. Essential at the end of a big day. The gorgeous eucalypt greens and blues and the perfect stitching make it a really pretty product as well. Who would have thought castor oiling could look good? Thank you, Lauren!