Lauren van der Mast, Wellbeing Rebel

Colon Hydrotherapist, Personal Trainer, Health & Sports Coach, Author

Lauren Van Der Mast started her journey in the health and fitness industry over 16 years ago. She’s dipped her toes in a variety of sports since the age of 10. From soccer, dirt bikes, and rock climbing to pro wrestling and karate, Lauren loved the outdoors and being active.

Lauren went into personal training at age 20. And by 22 years of age, she was ranked as one of Australia’s top 3 female rock climbers. Yet, Lauren also endured various of her own health struggles.

After being sexually assaulted at age 16, Lauran began binge eating and developed depression. Around this time, she also developed digestive problems, including constipation. At 18, she broke her collarbone, which led to her exploring the world of health, dieting, and fitness.

Soon after ranking as one of Australia’s top female rock climbers, her health began to decline further.

Her hair began falling out, her skin was splitting, she had chronic constipation and bloating, and she suffered from chronic fatigue.  She also began to develop several food intolerances.

Lauren quickly began looking for answers to her health problems. She tried various doctors, naturopaths, chiropractors, gastroenterologists, spiritual workers, coaches, and books. Nothing seemed to help – and if anything, these approaches made her situation worse.

At 26 years old, Lauren signed up for her first coaching program where she was coached and where she also coached high school students. During this time, she had a pivotal conversation with her coach. She left the conversation realizing that she needed to love herself first in order to attract the relationships she wanted. She left abusive and negative relationships behind. And soon thereafter, she met her now-husband.

Self-love also quickly became her cure for her depression and the eating disorder she had developed from years of dieting. Yet, she still sought to control her body weight through exercise and diet.

It wasn’t until she became pregnant at 27, that Lauren finally decided to start trusting her body. Today, she eats intuitively and has managed to maintain the same weight since her post-pregnancy body. But things didn’t entirely end there.

At age 28, she certified as a coach, specializing in health and performance coaching and eating disorders. She continued to work as a coach for four years, up until her health issues began to progressively get worse.

When Lauren became pregnant, other health problems came to light. She was diagnosed with pyrrole disorder, a condition where stress depletes the body of minerals and vitamins before they are absorbed. After she gave birth, she also began to experience various food intolerances, including gluten, dairy, eggs, and meat. She further developed insomnia and began to get sick all the time.

Despite how she was feeling, Lauren competed in Jui Jitsu, including the World Cup held in Australia. She was able to get more fit but continued to feel worse and worse. She developed consistent migraines, light sensitivity, brain fog, and myalgia. Eventually, she ended up bedridden for many months at 32 years old.

However, in the last few years, Lauren finally began to see improvements. She started to see a local lady who offered closed colonic system services. Her constipation was finally relieved. She also began to take supplements to help with detoxification and to improve her brain fog, light sensitivity, and migraines. With regular colonics, she noticed vast improvements.

With the closing of her local clinic, Lauren decided to take colonics into her own hands and became a Colonic Hydrotherapist.

She also started to work with osteopaths and neurological integration therapists where she also saw big results. They began working on reducing the fight/flight/freeze response her body was stuck in, potentially from past childhood trauma. For the first time ever, Lauren experienced full and optimal health.

Today, Lauren strives to take what she learned through her own experience and education and help others improve their health and overall life. She doesn’t follow trends but uses practices that actually work, like colonics. In fact, she attributes colonics as the one thing that truly may have saved her life.

Despite what she’s been through, Lauren has a passion to help others and maintains a positive attitude. She’s committed to helping other women develop healthy relationships with themselves, as well as develop healthy habits that can last a lifetime.