Freshin’ Up & Feel Better!

Feeling backed up? Constipated? Tired? Bloated?

It might be time for a refresh!

Sometimes, our bodies need a little help hand, especially when it comes to eliminating waste and toxins. Why? Well, many foods contain unnatural additives, chemicals, preservatives, and more, along with very little nutrition. The truth is our body isn’t good at processing these “toxins.” And it can be really tough to entirely eliminate these from your diet.

Colonics has helped me immensely throughout my own health journey. It’s also played a valuable role in helping my family and friends get their health and wellness back on track. This is why I’m so passionate about what I do, and am even more passionate about sharing it with others.

If you’ve had colonics with us before (or its your first time), our refresh package can help you kickstart your health journey by getting rid of those pesky toxins and waste that are backing you up! Read more about our Mini Refresh Package below.

Introducing… The Mini Refresh Package

Our Mini Refresh Package offers three colonics over the space of two weeks, plus a castor oil pack and a bottle of castor oil. For optimal results, we recommend having two colonics scheduled within two days, along with a third colonic appointment a week later.

All of this will contribute to the detoxification of toxins, waste, and bad bacteria from the large intestines—helping you start fresh and eliminating interferences with your regular body function.

The castor oil further supports the cleansing achieved by your colonic sessions by reducing inflammation, eliminating constipation, enhancing blood flow, stimulating liver and gallbladder function, and decreasing pain. In fact, castor oil has been used for hundreds of years due to its immense benefits and its ability to reduce aches and pains.

Support your body and digestion in the best way possible with our Mini Refresh Package! Get in touch with me today to book your sessions.

The package includes:
* 3 colonic appointments in the space of two weeks
* 1 castor oil pack
* 1 extra replaceable cotton flannel for castor oil pack
* 1 500ml bottle of organic castor oil

VALUE: $429 PRICE: $359 SAVINGS: $70

Give your system a boost and a fresh start!

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